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"Hitch up your saddles!" "Slap on your boots!" "Bridle your ponies!" "Slip on your ten gallon hats" and "Ride the happy trails"
with "Miss Erika" the Cowgirl!

Like "Miss Erika" cowboy fun facts?

Where did the first horses and first cows come from?

Answer: Christopher Columbus brought them from Spain in the late 1400's.

Why was a cowboy called a "cow poke"?

Answer - When the cattle drive from the Southwest ended at the far off train station to transport them East the cows did not want to go up the train ramps into the cattle cars. This forced the cowboys to use long sticks and gently "poke" the little critters to direct them to go up the ramps.

Why is a cowboy/cowgirl hat called a "Ten Gallon" hat?

Answer - It is most likely a corruption of the Spanish phrase "tan galon" which means "so gallant." When the early English-speaking settlers asked the Spanish cowboy what kind of hat he was wearing, he proudly replied a sombrero "tan galon," meaning both he and his hat were "so gallant" and brave.

Why did farm owners call their dance gatherings "Hoedowns" while the cow ranchers called their dances "Shindigs"?

Ranchers and farmers did not get along once barbed wire was introduced on the range because the wire restricted the cattle movements at the end of the 1800's.

The farm owner would tell the workmen to come to the dance and put their "Hoe Down" assuming that they were hoeing the fields for planting crops. The ranch owner would invite the cowboys to wear their best dress-up spurs to the big dance. These spurs could dig into the dance partners shins- therefore the dance was called a "Shin-dig." Cowboys would not usually wear their spurs to the dances or they would dance solo.

(As it turns out, this really isn't true, but the little buckaroos love it!)

A partial listing of program locations "Miss Erika" the Cowgirl has presented:

  1. Bright Start Daycare
  2. Chesterbrooke Academy
  3. Early Childhood Learning Center - Gap, PA
  4. Ephrata Mom's Group
  5. Hildebrandt Preschool Learning Center
  6. H. C. Burgard Elementary School
  7. James Buchanan Elementary School
  8. Kinderhook Preschool Children's Learning Center
  9. Lancaster Country Day Preschool
  10. Landis Homes Preschool
  11. Owl Hill Learning Center
  12. Preschool Express
  13. 517 Queen Street Preschool
  14. Small Wonder Preschool Academy
  15. St. Paul Church Academy
  16. St. Peters Boro Preschool
  17. St. Petersburg Preschool
  18. The Mix at Arbor Place
  19. U-Gro Academy Preschool, Daycare HACC
  20. United Church of Lancaster Co-op Preschool
  21. Women's and Babies Unit of Lancaster General Hospital



"Miss Erika's" Program Presentation

"Miss Erika" is Wow!

Lancaster Newspaper's "Reader's Choice" First Place for Pediatric Dental Practice for 2015 and 2014 was given to the Cowboy Dentists.

"Miss Erika" is Real!

May The Horse Be With You!